About Us

Firstyl stamp duty refund. Secondly stamp duty refund

Who are we?

We, Stamp Duty Claim UK are a Yorkshire based firm. After successfully getting refunds for our current clients over the past 4 years we have now dedicated a specialist team to handling stamp duty refunds for buy to let / additional properties.  We have expanded and our stamp duty team are now taking new clients.  firstly stamp duty refund

Why are we needed? 

Unfortunately, we have seen a lack of awareness of the new law around ‘uninhabitable’ properties. This has meant many people are eligible to pay a reduced rate of SDLT. 99% of residential buy to let buyers pay the standard SDLT rate among. It is estimated that around 60% unknowingly have over payed their stamp duty land tax and could be due a refund.

I think I paid the correct rate? 

Many people have submitted SDLT, a self-assessed tax, without the guidance of an advisor who has viewed the property. Most people have only relied on their conveyancing solicitor, who did not have access to the interior condition of the house to make a judgement on whether any exemptions apply. firstly stamp duty refund.

What can we do for you? 

Our team of professionals, will assess your claim on an individual basis. If you qualify, we will collect the necessary information and evidence to create a successful claim. Additionally, we work on a no win no fee basis and provide a free eligibility assessment. We will only charge our fee once a successful refund has been received. We fully indemnify claims and, if HMRC challenges us unsuccessfully, we will return the full fee paid to us. Our clients have claimed back over £20 million in the past year alone. It is important to note that HMRC does not allow backdating a claim for more than 4 years. Therefore, claim today and do not delay.